The Langer-Sassoli Project

The Langer-Sassoli Project is a tribute to the memory of two great men, immense politicians and outstanding European citizens, who also worked for peace and stability of the Balkan region.

Alexander Langer and David Sassoli.

Sassoli LangerThe former was a South Tyrolean, who fought until his death for a fairer Europe and for the pacification of the former Yugoslavia, overwhelmed by ethnic wars in the Nineties. The latter was the President of the European Parliament, who committed until his last breath to a more united European Union and for the EU enlargement in the Western Balkans.

There are many topics that twisted a common thread between Langer and Sassoli: Europeanism, democracy, peaceful resolution of ethnic tensions, attention to environment, dialogue, and many others.

The purpose of the Langer-Sassoli Project is precisely to analyze and deepen these topics one by one. To collect fragments of speeches, writings, interviews and to make them interact with each other. The aim is to discover the power of thought of these two men who made the project of a peaceful Europe great. In short, by collecting them all in a notebook.

And then further beyond, wherever the path will take us. Always in the name of Alexander Langer and David Sassoli.